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About Trapper's Hut

Tasmania is gaining world wide recognition for the superior quality of its single malt whiskies. The purity of the water and quality of the Tasmanian-developed and grown Franklin barley combine to produce a whisky worthy of comparison with the world's best.

Trapper's Hut Single Cask Malt Whisky was distilled, using a traditional copper pot still, by Tasmania Distillery in 1999-2000.

The spirit was matured in 200L American Oak Bourbon barrels until its decanting and bottling, without chill filtering or additives. Only one barrel is released at a time while the spirit in the remaining barrels continues to mature.

Our first barrel (HH348) was released in 2008. Barrels HH350, HH349, HH473 and HH067 have since been released and have also sold out. Our latest release is Barrel HH070. The spirit in this barrel was distilled in November 1999 and was bottled in December 2013, so at 14 years it's our oldest yet!

Trapper's Hut Single Cask Malt is an unpeated whisky of outstanding quality.


Trappers Hut Release January 2014

Barrel No: HH070

Bottle Strength: 45% a/v

Colour: Light golden straw

Nose: Lifted floral pot-pourri notes over a marzipan and caramel toffee sweetness showing elegance and complexity.

Palate: The palate opens with a luscious sweetness and develops to an attractive coconut, marzipan and vanilla richness. Broad and velvety across the middle, this fine malt builds to a long and deliciously sweet finish. This is a beautifully crafted whisky showing rich and malty notes perfectly married to the maturation cask influences. This middleweight expression balances the clean alcohol with all the hallmarks of a truly great bourbon cask single malt leaving the fortunate tippler hoping for more of the same!

Mark Nicholson and Bill Lark
Lark Distillery


The origins of the name Trapper's Hut

Trapper's huts are a lasting reminder of the pioneering spirit and perseverance of earlier generations. They provided protection to the hardy folk who toiled in a sometimes harsh, inhospitable environment during equally trying times.

Today, for those with an adventurous spirit and an appreciation of nature's finest, there is a promise of soothing calm and warmth in the wilderness ....



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